Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just when I think that I will sit down with you and share good news or something funny I get punched in the stomach.

On Monday I worked my four hours of light duty and put up with the crap that a new female Officer dishes out dailey when my Sgt told me to report to the Captain on my way out. I said, "Sure!" and walked down the hall to his office. There he and my Lt. were waiting on me with my termination letter to sign.

It basically said, Following your on-the-job injury, you have been unable to return to your former position for over one year. Your twelve weeks of FMLA leave has long since expired. The doctors have determined that you have reached your maximum medical imporvement. The same doctors have placed physical restrictions on you, should you return to work. Those restrictions are such that, if followed, you would not be able to perform the required essential functions of your job as Correctional Officer for the Sheriff's Office......blah and more blah was added.

Funny that last Friday my Captain was talking about how excited he was that I would be going back on shift and then by Monday afternoon he is terminating me.

I was warned by several friends and family that once I returned to work they would fire me so I should of been prepared. Not sure if one can prepare themself for the insurity that is thrown at them.

My hope was to stay long enough to retire with a monthly income, insurance and no worries. Not meant to be. If anyone should be use to those words NOT Meant to Be would be me. Since my hubby ran off without any warning one day my world has never been the same. I managed to pull my self up get back into Law Enforcement and work on this ranch out here to make ends meet. Now I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me and I am lost.

I do know that God has always taken care of me and will do so now. It just scary being an old woman with no husband or job.

What I do have is wonderful children, a great place to live and work and YOU!

Now enough of my pity party! I need to get busy! Before this happened I was scheduled for a stupid endurance test tomorrow at College Station for workers comp. Since I am still on WC for 11 more weeks then I guess I have no choice but to go take this two hour test. It was to determine my work level but does it matter now. Who knows?

I also have been so sad this week too because my grandbabies dog passed away Friday. He has been with my son and DL for 14 years and I know their hearts are breaking. I too will miss you Reagan.

Love to all


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