Thursday, July 21, 2011


Is it just me or do you too have trouble keeping up with posting......where did this week go?

I finally got back to work only today after living in the bathroom all week. Turns out the doc says I have some kind of food contamination which has caused a lot of uncomfortable moments for over a week now.

Yet when I return to work today one of the Officers there had the same symptons that I have so I am thinking a stomach virus.

After what happened today I realized I returned to work way too early. It was so disgusting and unfortunately I am sorry to admit not the first time it happened to me. So bad I hate even blogging about my day.

As most of you know I worked many many years for the Texas Prison system. On my very second night as a Correctional Officer I was assigned to work the Catwalk Security position. First let me explain what a catwalk is for those of you who have never had the privilege of being in a prison.

The catwalks where I worked were steel walk ways built over four large dorms which constituted as a wing.  Two dorms on one side of a huge hallway and two on the other side. The catwalks were built over the dorms and across the big hallway.  You are actually over everyone and could be seen by 108 inmates on one side and 108 on the other side of the hall. The walkways were totally huge and open on all sides and bottom. No privacy for them or you! 

Your job in the catwalk is watching everything going on in these four dorms and especially the two Officers working inside of the dorms. Mainly you are responsible for the safety of 218 lives.

I worked nights then and it was maybe twenty minutes after lights out and I am walking from one end of the cat walk to the other when I see this idiot inmate happily touching himself in places that were not permitted in sunday school! 

Now keep in mind this is my second night to work in a prison and to say I lost it is an understatement. I made the Officer in that dorm trade places with me which is a NO NO and I went downstairs found the inmate and Yes you guessed it! Ms Pearl came alive for the first time. She let him have it down one side and then the other.

Safe to say that was the last time this idiot showed his all to me or any other Officer working there. Actually in all honesty my favorite Warden of all times transferred him to another unit in TDC when he read my report. hahaha

So back to my disgusting day. Yep you guessed it. Another looser showing how utterly stupid they can be and yes Ms Pearl still knew how to totally shame an idiot up one side and down the other. Only bad thing is there is no favorite Warden now to transfer the idiot.

Tell me please that you had a better day than mine.  Also please pray for me that six months down the road from now I have a new wonderful job or that I am retired.

Have a great weekend!

Sweet dreams



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