Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Any Ideas?

Welcome to the what I call the North Forty!  It is actually over 50 acres and a beautiful place to live.

Here is my front porch. These pictures were taken last year I am thinking during the winter since I have no plants or flowers covering the porch. If it were not a 105 outside I would walk around and take recent pictures. lol

This is the side view of my home and if you look real hard you can see where Gretchen lives off to the right of me about 100 yards or more towards the pond.

The opposite side of my house showing the road that passes by to Gretchens house and pond.

Here is the front of the pink house where Gretchen lives!

Side view of the pink house.

Another 100 yards and you can visit the Gazebo and pond.

As you can see these are old photos because the pond is full. Now with Texas in a horrible drought it is the lowest I have ever seen it.

My brain has been in over drive ever since my termination last week. This property sits on a very busy highway with thousands of cars going by all week long.

Last week I was chatting with our friend Susan from Art of Mine and we were discussing the options of my being out of work. One was that I live on property that is a gold mine.  We had such a good visit on the phone and talked of the things that could be opened out here. Susan even suggested a bloggers retreat.

I also visited with Marydon at Blushing Rose and we too had a wonderful visit over the phone. She and her sweet husband Harold have visited out here and she has seen the possibilities of this place.

 Gretchen came over and we talked about doing something creative and artistic out here but since then she has decided to move back to Kentucky where her mother is going through Breast Cancer.

I  am sad about loosing such a dear sweet friend for a neighbor and writing partner.  But the main thing is her mother getting well. Also Christi will be back living in Austin by the 15th of this month. 

Getting use to being alone again will be hard. 

So what kind of business would you open out here if you could. Would you use my home or Gretchens? Or there is a run down building near the Gazebo begging to be used for something.

Times are tough and going into business is a big risk. Decisions decisions.

One thing I would love to have out here is a shop full of all of your creative pieces. Maybe sell my candy and homemade pies? 

In a month my landlady will be here from Nevada and if I want to do something out here I would need to have it all planned out to present to her.

Any ideas?

Love to all



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