Thursday, August 18, 2011

Artist in the Family!

Hello Everyone! Gosh I have missed you this week.....where does the time go. It seems like the weeks are flying by.

Look what my darling Kaci painted today! She called me about an hour ago and told me her mom was sending me a email with her picture she painted today. I knew that I would love whatever she painted but I have to tell you when I opened the pictures up I was completely in awe of how this turned out.

Kaci is only nine and what a gift God has given her. I love that she is always doing something creative and when not doing this she is busy raising money for Juvenile Diabetes.

Kaci darling you are certainly a gifted artist and I am so proud of you. Don't ever stop painting you really have a gift.  Also Kaci your doing what your grandma always wanted to do on canvas but never could get the brush to cooperate like you gets yours to do. I love love your picture!

Maybe I could pay you to do a picture for me to giveaway on here. Would you do that for me?

She told me tonight she bought two more canvas and she was painting me a cat. I am the luckest person in the world.

Been wanting to thank you all for helping Kaci raise money for her painting for the Race for the Cure. She did not win first place and get to go to Michigan this month but she raised a lot of money for such a wonderful cause. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for supporting her and Juvenile Diabetes.

Can't wait to hear what you think of this piece of art. lol

Well I am Alone Again! Christi left here about 6AM Wednesday morning and yes I have been singing the blues but she needed to get back to Austin and start her life again.  It took me a very long time to get use to being alone after the idiot left but I finally did. Hate to admit it but her being here these past two months made me realize how much I miss having someone here. Now I have to get use to being alone again.

I do miss you Christi and of course Toby too. I think even Tinkerbell is missing Toby or maybe not. lol

One thing I am looking forward too is fall. I know we don't have falls like you guys do up North but if we can just get in the low 80's here I would think it was fall. lol  We were lucky to get about an hours worth of rain last weekend but their predicting another six months for Texas to be in this drought. Let's pray they don't have a clue what their talking about. hahaha

Monday Christi and I went to Austin to meet her movers. They were over two hours late meeting us so they kept me from seeing Kaci and Bailey while in Austin. Gosh I was upset with those guys. Plus they scratched Christi's fairly new desk and broke some glasses.

Anyway on the way home we are both exhausted so I let Christi drive my car. I did not lift anything but just small things but she moved to an apt on the second floor so that going up and down wore this ole grandma out. Well back to coming home. We are going down the highway and I look over at this guy standing at his fence line with a watering can in his hand. Now first of all it was like a pasture where nothing is in it but dead grass so he stood out with a watering can in his hand.

But what really got me about this picture was he had a red speedo on and nothing else. Now let me tell you this was not a young guy. I am sorry but I laughed my fool head off. I mean out in the middle of no where ten miles between towns are more a older guy standing near a real busy highway in a speedo with a watering can. Never could see what the heck he was watering. 

I was laughing so hard Christi offered to turn around so I could get you guys a picture but the traffic was so bad I did not take the chance. hahaha Just had to share it with you because WHY was he dressed like that....anyway if your reading this sorry I thought you were so funny.

Hope your all well and that you have a wonderful safe Happy weekend

Sweet Dreams
and Love to all


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