Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hitting the Bottle Again!

Lord knows I have a drinking problem....I roll over every morning in my bed feeling for my bottle on the night stand to see if there is a drop left in it. If not I stumbled like a 110 year old woman to the refrig to find another bottle. God help Tinkerbell if she is in the path to the kitchen.

Then I unscrew the lid and ah my first drink of the morning. It is like no other! Is it my fault over a hundred years ago some  man in Waco, Texas invented a drink he named Dr Pepper. Now fools like me all over this great nation are adicts.

Am I proud of it. No! Is there help for me? Probably not.  I thought of joining AA but then I know me and my addictive personality I would feel bad for the others that have other drinking problems and the I would probably come home and hit the liqour cabinet. Well I don't really have a liqour cabinet but I do have a amour full of it but that is another story for another day. Has nothing to do with my problems right now.

You ask What is my problem right now that has got me drinking more? Well let me see if I can fill you in this morning without forgetting anything. 

Number one is this freaking thing called Blogger. It wasn't going to be number one on my list tis morning but when I was getting ready to type my list for you I hit the longer key thingeee that says enter because I thought that would bring me to the next line and instead it published this page. Now why would hitting that button publish my stupid work before I am ready to publish it for the world to see.

I instantly screamed WHAT and grabbed my bottle. Tinkerbell jumped a foot from my desk and landed on the keyboard and hit all kinds of keys. Another swallow from the bottle.

Ok here I go again with my reasons. Well you know while I am on blogger I might as well get it all out. Here lately I can come on to my site and I have no friends on the sidebar. I mean 99 percent of the time you are not there. Sometimes u are and sometimes your not. Another drink.

Then last night I was suppose to be doing research for a book that heaven knows only if it will ever be written and I am thinking you know I need to try and make some of my post into one of those books that everyone does on Cutest Blog site and I kid you not if I had not had some restrain left I could of drank a dang six pack trying to do that very project. Let me tell you I sat here in front of this computer until after midnight and I still did not order a book of my pages. One time the book was 200 pages over their limit. I for the life of me could not figure out how to delete post so I go back in and make another one. Not an easy thing for me to do. Then they show me the results of that book. Well it was not in the freaking color I picked out for the jacket. So when I try to edit that it won't do it. Have you ever just wanted to throw your lap top clear across the room. Another drink!

After three long enduring hours and I don't know how many swallows I had four books made and none I mean none o them were what I was trying to make. God help me could I be that dumb. I closed the computer not even caring if I logged off. I was too busy trying to find another bottle.

Then I think ok I don't have a certain time any more to be up so I will try and research some of my material. Well I crawl in bed get all comfy with a half dozen pillows behind me and all of a sudden I am the one jumping a foot off the bed. Tiukerbell either half drunk herself or just old missed the bed when she jumped up and instead landed on the night stand. Knocked my lamp off on the floor and by the time I managed to get to the wall switch to see the damage there is Dr Pepper running on my pages of notes. Holy freaking whatever I run to the bathroom for a towel and almost break my toe because I hit it on the edge of the doorway.

Clean up that mess and go to bed. lol The heck with research.

Back to my list of things driving me drinking. You know I still have not sold my home yet in town. I have a nephew living there and I love him dearly but he can't afford it so I don't charge him the full rent. Well now that the sheriff's office thinks I am not healthy enough to work for them I can no longer keep letting him live there so cheap. Well me and him have been back and forth on the phone and emails trying to figure out what to do. He claims he can't come up with anymore money so he is talking about finding something else. Well believe me in this town he will not find anything near the size of my home and no where close to what he is paying now. So I get this email from him last night about he is going to have to finish the floor in the bathroom and then put a sink in the first chance he gets when he is off. Now when I read that there were not enough DP's in my house to calm me down. What does he freaking mean he has to finish putting in a bathroom floor and sink. What the heck does that mean. Where is the one that was there when he moved in. 
More drinking!

Another problem I am having which I know it's all my fault but I can't be me. Does that make sense to any of you. Ever since I have found myself with out work I am like in a fog. I can't even keep up with you on here. My desk right now if you were to ask me for a pen to write with I  am guessing it would take me ten minutes to find one. Right now I am looking at a Fat cat licking her paws and scratching the back of her ear all at the same time. There is a halff eaten Church's apple pie inside their bag under the cat. Mail piled up that needs to be either tossed in the trash or put God knows where. Books here, there and everywhere. Pictures of my kids and grandbabies that some are standing up others are laying down. My breakfast of peanut butter crackers and yes a Dr Pepper are in lying here somewhere. Oh and a package of cat treats for the fat cat.

Somewhere under all of this is a list of things I need to get done this week. More swallows.

Plus it is going to be 103 or more today and no rain. Another big swallow. hahahaha

Ok I will stop but believe me I could keep going with this drinking list until the cows come home. Another problem. The ranch next door and all their cows. lol

Sorry I have to leave you now some how today I need to find me in all this clutter and do something today besides drink.  Now where the heck is my to do list?

Love to all


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