Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mircle Makeover Post!

Please Please click over now to sweet Marydon at Blushing Rose and leave a comment on her Mircle Makeover Post. Each comment left will raise $1.00 for this makeover. Miracle Makeover on Blog Week is August 12-18th. Stop by and leave a comment and be inspired by the latest makeover story about two boys struggling and the room that is giving them hope and happiness.

This is a wonderful cause and all it will cost you is a moment of your time. Marydon explains it all on her site.

I love all of you for taking the time to come by here today and check on me. It has been a busy day trying to get things packed for Chrisit's move tomorrow.

Right now she is standing out in the rain begging for the kitties to come end to the mud room. hahahaha You should here her....kitttttieeeee kittteeee over and over and their under the car looking back at Christi like yeah right.  Something wet is falling all around us and you want us to run to you. No Way!

Yep friends you read the words right! It is raining!!!!!  After months of no rain we are having a small rain storm. I think I will sign off and play in the rain.  Nothing smells better than the fresh rain falling from heaven. 

Now where are my pink slickers?

Sending love to all



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