Monday, August 22, 2011

The Oliver's

In Back my sweet Sister-in-Law Linda, her sister Ruby, brother Oscar
Front  Harvey, Lou and Bonnie

Yesterday at my oldest brother Billy's home we celebrated Harvey Oliver's 85th Birthday.  There are no memories in my life without the Oliver family.

Our two families lived by each other for the first 17 years of my life. They are my extended family. Their Mom Edna and Harvey were my second parents. Edna passed away a few years ago and Harvey remarried Lou who is pictured here with the family.

Where ever I went Linda, Bonnie and Ruby went with me. Visa Versa. We were inseparable until I moved away to college. The same year Linda married my older brother Billy and made our family ties legal. haha

Linda and Billy have been sweethearts since grade school. Linda always knew she was going to marry Billy.

My brother Billy is the tall good looking guy in the middle. See Linda attached to his arm. haha

Oscar's family was there also his wife Carol beside Lou and Lauren next to Carol. On the other end is Jeff who is happily married to Ruby.

Here I caputured Harvey by his handsome self. Does he look 85 years old. I have to tell you several times during the day I caught his new bride saying to us or herself how handsome Harvey is. Each time I heard her say that I had to smile. Last night lying in bed trying to sleep I thought of this day and how I would see Lou sitting on the couch holding hands with Harvey.  How sweet to see an older couple holding hands.

I have to admit it is strange seeing Harvey with someone besides our lovely Edna but then I am so thankful he is not alone.

Just wanted to share a little of my weekend with you! Friday and Saturday I mostly caught up on research for my writing. I have to say this research is starting to take up way more time than I ever thought of spending on it.  I actually had intended to get Harvey alone to ask him questions about his childhood since my story takes place near that time but was not to be. We all were laughing and catching up to much to do any research.

I talked Ruby, Bonnie and Linda into attending our class reunion this September and much to my delight we are all going. Billy went last year so he told Linda just to go alone with us. I find that hard to believe and think he will change his mind on the day of the reunion. haha

So I made the reservations at the hotel for us and bought our tickets today so now no one can change their mind. It is 5 classes together so we each graduated a different year so how great that worked out for us.
A girls weekend out is just what the doctor ordered for me so yippeeee!!! Now how to loose 30 pounds in less than 30 days and to find the prefect outfit. I have not seen my classmates since my 10 year reunion and believe me that was many many moons ago. Will anyone recognize me?

Billy just phoned and wants to come out this evening and help me mow my yard so I am no dummy I told him to come on out. It will be late though because we are at 104 right now.

I know there was other things I was going to talk to you about but after my phone conversation with Billy I totally lost all thoughts of doing this post. Gosh its great being old.

So I will close on that note. Wishing you all a wonderful week. Hopefully I will be back soon.

Love to all


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