Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pretty Wall Paper!

Look at these pictures one of my girlfriends sent me from browsing the web!

She knows my love for old vintage wallpaper! Years ago when I had a ceramic shop I would use paper like these to cover all kind of pieces.

What would you cover with these two pieces? I definitely see a lampshade from the pink foliage print and how about a wedding journal or picture book out of this wedding paper. So many things you can do with wallpaper.

Here is one of the pictures she found of lampshades from vintage paper. Aren't these pretty lamps. I ask her to send me the web site so I could include it in this post.

Forever I have loved beautiful handmade lampshades. Maybe now that I am going to have a little free time I might try making lampshades for my bedroom.

How about this night light shade? It made me think of my lovely friend Susan from Georgia who has a Birthday tomorrow! She has the creative blog Art of Mine. Be sure and go by and wish Susan a Very Happy Birthday......and while your there enter her sweet giveaway!

Before I close tonight I wanted to add that I am okay.......thanks to all of your kind encouraging words this past two weeks I will make it.  I received some lovely emails, cards and my dear friend Libbie sent me one of her homemade candles. Talk about smelling good. Can't wait to show you a picture of it.

Christi made it back from her house sitting job and will be here until the 15th. Gosh this will be a fast week knowing she is leaving next Monday. There are no words for how much I have enjoyed her coming back home for the last few months. Refreshing to have two sweet young ladies living out here. Gretchen gave her notice to leave Oct 1st.  I have to get busy with my writing so Gretchen can edit it before then. I know how fast time flies so I need to put words to paper. Researching German Immigrants to Texas has taken a lot of my time but very interesting.

Right now my daughter is watching Big Brother and is making me laugh because she is stressing out over who is going to be put up for Veto. How funny! Never watched this until this season and only watching it now because I have her here watching it. As far as TV I could seriously cancel my Dish TV and probably not even notice it was history. lol

As always sending much Love to All



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