Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Empty Space!

Today I found myself pacing the floors. The last time I had paced the floors was the night my best friend and husband did not return home from work. I thought of it when I found myself pacing again today. It must be what I do when I know that my life is about to change forever.

You see at three this afternoon my dear sweet Gretchen left for Kentucky. She no longer will be living out here on the North Forty and now I feel like I have a big hole in my heart.  

We said our goodbyes with lots of tears getting in the way. Just in short time this young lady brought so much into my life out here that my heart feels like it is breaking as I try to write this post.

She will be coming back to Texas but not to live out here. About four months ago she met a young man in acting class and has fallen in love. After Gretchen takes care of her mom in Kentucky for three months she will move to Austin where he lives.

Wednesday night my brother Billy and sister-in-law Linda came over to say their goodbyes to Gretchen. If you read the post about us putting the For Rent sign in my brothers yard as a prank well this is the brother.
He never came up with anything to get her back for it. He told her he rented his house and was moving in six weeks but she did not fall for it. lol

In the next picture you can see how Gretchen always is the little actress and is cutting up with Billy.

She captured their hearts too while she lived here on the North Forty.

Friends are the best and I will miss this one terribly.

While I am here tonight I want to thank Julia for her Blogazine post. If you have not read about Julia just keep scrolling down til the next post and read about another good friend of mine.

Sending you good wishes for a happy weekend. I hope that you enjoy some cooler weather. Do something fun and know this ole Texas Yellowhair Grandma sends love to all


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