Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Morning!

Good is 3am and I am wide awake. Tossed and turned kicked Tinkerbell once or twice so I decided to get up and check on you. Hope you are sound a sleep and having sweet dreams.
Of course my friends in England like Sybil might be having their morning coffee.

Who knows why I have these nights where I just can not sleep to save my life. Goodness knows I am going to regret it about noon today.

From the looks of this picture of Tinkerbell she is already regretting that we got out of bed. I caught her yawning really big. Goodness I can almost see her tonsils.

First in my thoughts this morning to you is thank you for coming by and saying hello to Kathy from Creative Home Expressions. Also of course I want Kathy to know I appreciate her doing her story for all of us to enjoy and to help me start my Blogazine Guest post again. I truly have missed these.

Now Tinkerbell is running around in circles like she is chasing something or something is chasing her. Kind of spooky to see her doing this in the middle of the night. I hope she is not chasing my ghost. That's all I need is to have to deal with that right now. lol

Hope you have had a good week. Mine has been one of those where running away keeps entering my mind.
My renter phoned me Sunday after church and told me there was water running into the front bedroom. He thought the water heater was leaking.

Of course you know me I thought OH No I can't handle this right now. Well my older brother Billy and I go over to my home in town and yep there is water linking into the bedroom but you could barely see it for all the clothes and toys that were scattered everywhere. I managed to mop up what I could and we went and bought a water heater that surprised me for being close to four hundred dollars. Geeeezzzz when did they get so high. lol

Thanks to my brother by three that afternoon they have their water back on and I am home trying to figure out if I will have to replace the floor where the water came flooded on it. I prayed I would not but I know now I will have too.

Well not long after I get back to the North Forty they call again and said water was going in there again.
Being a Sunday evening I knew that I could not find a plumber to help me so I go back over turn their water off and they spend the night with one of thier parents.

Then for five hours I am with a plumber and he is trying to figure out where the water is leaking when the renter tells him that the bathtub did not drain yesterday either. Oh great so he starts working on it and I am  walking around looking at my house and crying. Like the other renters I have dealt with my house is horrible. The bathrooms looked like the tub and shower had not been cleaned since they moved in. My brick floor in the den in kitchen is suppose to be off white but it is black. Unreal how it looks.

I walked out in the back yard and my yard had been dug up by a dog. After the last renters I had said no dogs because her dogs had destroyed my yard. Well surprise I am bending over looking at a whole big enough to have a small swimming pool when out of know where here comes running and jumping on me but this big black Lab. First thought was where in the heck did he come from and then OMG does he bite.

All I could think about was trying to get back to my sun room door and safety. Turns out he just wanted attention.

Well back to the leak. The plumber finds water running from the AC so he unstops it and the bathtub and 600 hundred dollars later I go back home.

I am home crying over my house and how it is destroyed again when the phone rings again. It is the renter again telling me water is coming in the room again. I tell him to turn the water off and I would call the plumber. It is 8 pm by now and the plumber says he will go back over there. My renter calls and tells me they are not going to wait on him that I will have to come to town.

They left and I go back over and mop the room again. The plumber can not get into the attic where he needs to look so we decide to meet the next morning.

Turns out my pipes are so bad in the attic that I am going to have to have new ones. Joy Joy Joy!!!!
He is working up an estimate now for me. He did manage to fix it good enough for the present but who knows how long they will be ok.

Needless to say the renters are suppose to be looking for a new place and be out by the lst of Oct. I have no idea what to do with it now because I have had really bad luck with renters.

Well Tinkerbell has calmed down a little but she is sitting on the back of the sofa slapping the back of my head with her furry paw so who knows what she wants. hahaha At this hour of the morning I am hoping she is trying to tell me to go back to bed.

I know your tired of reading about my leaks and renters so I will stop for now.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend. Be careful on the highways their always so packed around here on holidays.

Thanks for stopping by and if you missed my previous post about Kathy be sure and read her story.
Love to all


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