Thursday, September 8, 2011

Maine In April

Since my last post about sleep walking I showed my friend your concerns about her hubby and he has agreed to go see his doctor. Now if he will just keep the appointment and get the help for this problem.

When I told Christi about my phone conversation about his episodes it was just as I expected. She has one of those laughs that is contagious. I am ashamed at how hard we laughed

If  you found that story funny just wait until my next post about what Gretchen, Christi and I got into last night. Would tell you tonight but can't make it public for a day or two. Oh my gosh it is hilarious..

This has been a fun and busy week for me because Christi is still here. She came for the weekend and has stayed to help me paint a bedroom set that belonged to my grandmother. It is going to be really pretty when we finish. I will share some pictures later.

Now for some really awesome news. It seems I always have bad news to pass on but not this time. Christi has to be in Portland, Maine in April and guess who gets to fly there with her. She flies a lot with her work so she had frequent flier miles and bought me my ticket. Am I excited! I can not begin to tell you how much.

You see as far back as I can remember I have wanted to visit the East Coast. Especially Maine and Vermont. As a kid I was obsessed with Maine so much that I use to think I was adopted and my real parents were from Maine. I know I have been crazy that long.

I would love for this trip to be in the fall but beggars can't be choosy. We bought a travel book about Maine and I could not sleep the other night after browsing the pages.

So now of course I am hoping that you have been to Portland area and can give us all the advice we need for having a great time. Also is April still considered part of winter there? I am worried it may be still to cold to enjoy.

Would love to hear your suggestions and about your trip there. Also need neat places to stay and visit.

As most of you know Texas has had some really horrific wild fires that have caused not only loss in lives but homes. Since Sunday evening I have been smelling smoke from some of these fires. The first time I smelled it I freaked out thinking the North Forty was burning. Scared the you know what out of me because these old 100 year old house out here would go up in minutes.

I do want to express my deepest sympathy for all who have suffered this week during these fires. There are so many of them the fire fighters just can not get them under control and just north of me over 600 houses burned in a short time.

What scares me living so close to a main highway like I do that some idiot will carelessly throw a ciggerette out their car window and the end result could be tragic just like these other situations.

Please keep praying for rain in Texas. I have lived in Texas all my life but this is the worst drought that I can remember.

Then some of you need for us to pray for sunshine. One thing for sure mother nature does her own thing when and where she has a mind too.

Well I must close for now but wanted to say hello and to check on you. You are always in my thoughts.

Love to all



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