Monday, September 19, 2011

My High School Reunion!

Hello and how are you this beautiful September day. The first thing I have to mention is have you read my previous Blogazine post. If not scroll down and meet Cathy. Thanks Cathy for doing your story for me. Who is next? Don't be shy send your story to

As most of you know I attended my class reunion over the weekend. For some crazy reason they greeted us at the door of the ball room with name tags that showed us at 17 years old. Here is my Senior picture they had me wear around my neck Saturday night so everyone would know who I was. hahaha.... Silly that they would think I had change so much that no one would recognize me.

Ten minutes into the party I realized these organizers knew what they were doing because I kept thinking who are all of these old people. Am I at the wrong reunion? 

Thank goodness I went to this with the Oliver sisters that I grew up with because other wise it would have been a long night.

About three times a year I have a girly weekend with three sisters I grew up with in La Porte so I suggested to them we rent a room and attend our High School Reunion. 

In the hotel room I made them pose for a picture! I have to tell you the best part of my weekend was spent in this room laughing with these three. We laughed ourselves silly until way into the night.

Ok girls I have to take a picture of you before the big party!
Left to right my life long friends and sisters Ruby, Bonnie and Linda.

Well maybe two pictures!

After the meal my class of 1966 had to pose for a picture together.
Not very many attended from our class. That's me on the right with a black top and long skirt. 

Remember last week Gretchen came over and I was trying on outfits to wear to this thing and she loved this black and white skirt that Christi and I had bought a few weeks ago at Stein Mart.

You all know how crazy Gretchen is and when I tried this on she kept saying Oh Yeah Maggie this is so sexy on you. This is what you have to wear. Being the crazy young girl she is she said, "OMG your going to get laid wearing that outfit!" Can you imagine being told that especially from a  young 30 year old woman. hahaha....Anyway about twenty minutes ago she texted me the question...."Well did you...Well did you?" Of course I knew what she was asking so I wrote her back the truth.

"Honey the only thing that got laid was the cards we played when we got back to our hotel room!"

Gretchen of course Texted back "LOL"

It was a strange night seeing kids I had went to school with now in their early 60's. Most of these I had not seen since graduation night.

Here is a picture of me and Mike Edgmond. Mike and I attended the same college after high school so we were happy to see each other. In college I introduced him to a girlfriend of mine and they were pretty crazy about each other.  Guess you know WHO we chatted about the short time we visited!  Our mutual friend of course. Can't wait to call her today and tell her about Mike.

Great picture of the sisters and another friend of ours Bonnie who grew up next door to us. She had not changed a bit. Friendly and lovely as ever.
This is a few of my class mates that gathered later in the evening at our table.

I know some of you wanted me to meet a Handsome prince there and bring him back to the north forty with me but not to be.  

One female classmate came and sat down beside me and said she was hiding from her hubby because he loved to dance and she did not want to. I wanted to shake that woman and tell her to get back to her husband and enjoy the night dancing. Strange how we never appreciate what we have!

Would love to keep chatting but if you could see my house you would understand the need to get off of here and get busy.

It is Warrenton/Round Top Antique week too and you know where to find me after today. lol

Love to all


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