Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Generations of Brothers and Sisters!

Today I am joining our sweet friend Donna at Brynwood Needleworks  for Memory Lane Mondays. On my way home last night from visiting with my three children, daughter-in-law and grandbabies I thought of how much I love my family.

Since it is almost a two hour drive to my home from theirs it gave me plenty of time for reflections of memories. I thought of how lucky I was to have grown up with four brothers. Yet I promise you it took me a very very long time to be grateful for having four brothers. I mean lets face it being the only girl in the family was not easy. I washed so many dishes and ironed so many blue jeans I still have night mares. lol

 Oh and the trips to see my grandparents in the back seat with these four trying to plant a knuckle sandwich in each other over me was quite the experience.

Even though we fought and squabbled over silly unimportant things growing up I have good memories like the time they posed with me in a stage coach while visiting New Mexico. Or the picture above where I am with two of my brothers Doy and Billy!

Or being there for me when my son Clint was married.

Or the birthdays we celebrate with our friends the Olivers!

Here you find me and my four brothers on the left and the Oliver girls with their brother Oscar on the right.  Our beautiful moms front and center and their dad Harvey!

Thinking of my brothers of course made me think of how close my children are to each other.

Here Chad,my mom, Christi, Clint, me and the idiot are all together for Clints graduation from college.

No my hair did not stick out like that the whole time the wind was blowing. lol

A couple of years later Clint married and his big brother Chad and sister Christi along with their mom showed up for the happy occasions.

They even go to other weddings with each other!

They show up to help their mom when she is suffering a loss and needs their presence!

Last but not least I thought of the two brothers and sisters who bring new joy to all of us!

Kaci and Bailey in a pumpkin patch!

They even hunt strawberries with their grandmayellowhair!

I hope my post today brings back happy family memories to you my friend!

Love to all



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