Friday, September 9, 2011

Too Much Fun!

Good morning! Where oh where did this week go! Already Friday morning and my to do list for the week is half scratched off. Well half is exaggerating somewhat. 

I promised you a funny tale of what Gretchen, Christi and I got ourselves into this week so sit back and be silly with us.

As most of you know Gretchen moved out to the North Forty last year at this time and being a actor and writer she and I have connected in so many ways even though she younger than my daughter Christi.

Not only have I fallen in love with her so has my family. Especially my older brother Billy Joe. Immediately Gretchen hit it off with Billy and the two together is quite entertaining to say the least. At times I wonder who is crazier.

Since Gretchen is leaving us for Kentucky at the end of this month she has been playing pranks on Billy Joe to irritate the fool out of him until her move. She thinks she has nothing to loose since she will be in Kentucky for the next three months.

Well now to my part of these pranks. I hesitate to write this story because I know sometimes Billy's wife Linda reads my post. So Linda if you read this Please do not give me up to Billy.

Tuesday night Gretchen came over for dinner. Christi had come to my home for the Labor Day weekend and ended up staying the week instead. How great is that? Well she fixed oven fried pork chops with new potaoes and corn on the cob for dinner. We had a glass of wine on the front porch catching up on what Gretchen has been doing with her writing and screen plays. Then we got to laughing about her and Billy Joe.

The next thing I knew we were in the barn looking for a For Rent Sign and then driving to town to Billy and Linda's house on main street. They live in a big beautiful house in town and Christi came up with the idea of putting this For Rent Sign in their yard after dark.

We drive past their house several times either trying to make sure the coast was clear or just being silly who can remember. Of course I am driving. I pull over close to their neighbors driveway and Gretchen gets out takes the big sign and is trying to put in the hard ground. No sooner than she is doing this a big pick up truck drives right up to her and is asking her directions. hahaha

Christi and I are laughing so hard in the car because we just know that Billy is going to catch her standing there with a sign in her hand because this truck will not go on. I am thinking they are asking her about the house but when we see her hands going here and there we realize she is trying to direct them. That makes us laugh even harder because Gretchen in the year she has been here uses her GPS to navigate her way around.

Finally I shoo Christi out of the car and tell her to go help Gretchen. Mean while I am laughing so hard I thought I was going to choke. That's how hard I was laughing.

Okay they finally get back into the car and we drive to a near by Ice Cream Parlor to plot our next move.
Nothing like ice cream to get the ole brain going!

Somehow we come up with the idea for Gretchen to change her voice and call Billy's and ask about the house. Well she changes her voice to a really funny character and my sister-in-law Linda answers the phone and Gretchen is asking all kinds of questions and Linda keeps insisting they don't have any property for rent. Finally I guess my sweet Linda gets tired of Gretchen and hangs up on her. The whole time Christi and I are laughing so hard because I have to tell you the voice Gretchen used is one out of the old world or some world. Not sure what accent it was. hahaha

Thirty minutes later Christi gets a girlfriend of hers to call and this time Billy answers the phone. Billy actually was very nice to Christi's friend but kept telling her they had nothing to rent. Since this was the second phone call he ask her where she had gotten his phone number. We did not want them to know about the sign yet so she told him Craig's List.

I know you are thinking OMG these girls are terrible. We were having to much fun to think of how bad we were being. The third call was made by Gretchen's boyfriend from his apt. in Austin. He too being an actor disquised his voice and put on quite the script for Linda. Again Linda ended up hanging up on him. They both said it was not like a slamming ugly hang up but a real quiet one. hahahaha

By now we have drove back home but not without laughing our fool heads off the whole time. Silly silly we can be some times.

Gretchen goes home and Christi and I get to thinking about us leaving the sign in the yard and she is one bedroom laughing and I in the other. Hearing her laughing in bed only made me laugh even harder.

Well about 6am the next morning I woke up thinking maybe I should slip into town and remove the sign before too many people see it and start calling.

Then I change my mind and wait for the consequences of our actions. The three of us wait all day to hear something from Linda or Billy. No word all day. We get one of my other brothers to call Billy and he claims Billy never mentioned the sign. Strange really strange. The longer times goes by without hearing anything we are thinking Oh No he is Mad. hahaha

The next morning I talk to Linda on the phone and she starts telling me about the phone calls and then their finding the sign while picking up limbs.

You have to know Billy's personality to know how worried we were over his reaction. The whole time Linda is telling me this I am playing totally dumb and innocent. She said Billy figured immediately it was Gretchen and he is plotting his revenge. OMG poor Gretchen!

Here is crazy Billy last year around Christmas time! He could not resist putting on one of my hats hanging near by on a coat rack.

Silly Gretchen came over last night and wanted to go to town and play another joke on them. We talked her into waiting. hahahaha

Sorry for the long drawn out story. I even left out parts but I have to tell you it is fun sometimes to be a kid again.

Love to all


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