Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sorry to have such a disgusting post tonight but I just spent four hours washing down these cabinets in my home in town. Then I was able to give them one coat of paint before my back gave out. It is a huge kitchen with lots and lots of cabinets and everyone of them looked as bad or worse than these two pictures.

Can you imagine living in this kind of filth and then move out and leave it for your Aunt to clean up.
Yep I said Aunt.

This picture below is a small shot of the floors in my once beautiful sunroom.

Here is the brick floor in the den and kitchen. Actually this is not the worse section here.

 Look at the ceramic tile in the shower. You really would die if I showed you the bathtub.

This is just one pile of leaves that I guess are from last fall. You really can not tell from this picture how high the pile is but believe me when I say it's high.

What really angers me is Christi phoned my nephew and ask him what his intentions were for cleaning the house and yard. He got really smart with her and told her that not to even go there because they left it clean. Went as far to say that it looks just the way it did when he moved in. 

Believe me this house was spotless when he moved in and the nerve of him to say that to Christi. His wife just tried to phone me and I did not answer it because I knew as tired and mad as I am that Ms Pearl would unload on her so bad that you would hear me all the way to Canada.

Since it is my brothers only son I am trying my best to control my true feelings. The sad thing is this nephew was not raised like this and he comes from a good Christian home. Him and his wife are in church every Sunday with his mom and dad.  For some reason that makes me even madder. Am I wrong for thinking a good Christian would live better and not leave a rented home like this or any home.

Instead of spending a beautiful day at Warrenton walking around in 80 degree weather which is a first for us in a very long time I was cooped up in a house without the utilities on trying to not find a place in it to hang myself. hahaha

Between this house and all the chores they have given me to do out here on the North Forty I don't know when I can come up for air.

Sweet Dreams

PS: It is not my brother Billys son the one in the post before this because if it were I am afraid that Billy would skin him alive leaving me a house like this to deal with.


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