Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Hill Country Weekend!

A few weekends ago we had one of our girly weekends and this time it was at Ruby's home in the hill country near Marble Falls.  This is where Ruby and hubby plan to retire in a few years. It is a lovely home and with my little camera I could not capture the whole house. lol  Believe me when I say there is a whole section on the right I did not manage to capture.

Lot's of things I love about this home but my favorite place is the back patio! Everyone but me enjoyed their first cup of coffee and me of course was my diet Dr. Pepper.  We planned our day  while listening to the early birds serenade us.  I could easily retire with a patio like this greeting me every morning.

Hope Ruby doesn't mind that I am sharing part of her master bath. This is the huge walk in shower behind this circular wall.  I have seen these in magazines but never thought I would actually ever use one. Pretty darn cool if I say so myself.

Since Ruby's hubby was working in London for the week she brought her precious little King to keep us entertained. He actually kept me from being bitten by a scorpion so King is my new best friend. Sorry about that Tinkerbell!

 Saturday morning the first place we stopped was a outdoor furniture store that has everything imaginable for the out door life. Ruby is wanting to redo her patio so she had to show us some of her selections. Here on the way to the car I made Ruby, Oscar and Bonnie pose for this pic. I grew up with these three siblings and their sister Linda who also happens to be my sister-in-law is missing this girly weekend. So we let their brother Oscar join in the fun since he is a hoot and never a dull moment when he is present.

Then Oscar made me trade places and he took our picture. Ruby on the left, myself and Bonnie.

I love these chairs and they come in every color even pink for my porch.

After this they pretty well made me leave the camera in the car while we walked the tourist town of Fredricsburg. It was Market Days so every body and their cousin just happened to be in town for the day. At times I thought I was in New York City instead of a small country town. Gosh everybody came to town that day. 

Ruby had gotten us tickets to a theater called the Rock Box and we had to rush our shopping to be there by 4:30. I wish you could of seen Bonnie and myself trailing after the two long legged Oscar and Ruby. Man I was glad when it was theater time so we could sit down. 

The Rock Box was cool. A cast of about 10 entertained us for two hours. They sang songs from the 50's and 60's. A lot of times it was hard to believe that they were imitators and not the real thing.  They reminded me of a group I saw in Vegas years ago. 

What really brought the house down was the last song when all the cast came out and we all joined them in Amazing Grace. Then a moment of silence for our troops. 

For a small town this was an impressive performance by these talented actors. I thought of Gretchen and how she wants to have a small theater like this one someday.

When we have these girly weekends we laugh ourselves silly. I think it is because of the subjects we discuss while playing cards. 

I thought with their brother Oscar there we might not have these talks but  boy was I wrong. He joined in and  only made us laugh harder with his man take on things. His wife is a sweetheart and was glad to let him get away with us for a weekend. 

Since I have know the Oliver's all my life these talks can lead to places only friends can go.

Oscar was trying to give his sister Bonnie and myself advice about dating again but his advice is not one I would want to repeat on here. His advice made me realize why I don't  date. lol

Oscar and I were partners in playing cards and we whopped them so bad that were told we could never be partners again.
I made the mistake and showed them how to find my blog so how do I tell you about our crazy antics. Maybe when the newness wares off for them. lol 

I do know that when God gives us friends to enjoy that we need to as often as possible. That is my reason for blogging. Sorry I fooled so many of you with the last post but I laughed every time I thought of Tinkerbell waking me up at that very moment so I had to share it with you. Your comments are always funnier that the actual stories and it was worth fooling you just to enjoy your comments. Several of you mentioned I sounded like a romance writer and maybe should write one. I hate to admit it but I have never read Romance books. I guess it's never to late to try something new.

On my way to Marble Falls I drove through Bastrop where one of the horrible wild fires destroyed thousands of acres and homes. I tried to find a place to take pictures but too much traffic and construction crews mowing down trees. For miles it looked like a war zone and my heart broke for all the families who have no place to call home.

In this picture you can't really see just how heartbreaking and overwhelming these fires have been to Texas during this drought. We have been told that this drought will not end for at least another year. Hard to imagine a dry winter.

For the last two days I have been sick with my back. I have over did it trying to work on the house in town. My son Clint came down Saturday and helped me and then by Sunday evening I could not function. I tried to work there yesterday but gave up after a few hours and then took today off. I just can't get down completely because there is so much left to do. It scares me to think that I may never be able to hold a full time job again. You guys that live off of just social security may have to give me lessons on living on such a limited income. I admire you for being able to do so.  

I love you!



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