Friday, October 21, 2011

Is The Cowboy a Good Kisser?

How are you this evening! Another week has flown by and I still have not been able to get on here and do a post about my fun weekend with the Oliver's. But I will do it soon. Been painting and painting and painting at my home in town.

It was fun this week seeing beautiful Debby's smile on my page when I managed to come on site and read your wonderful comments. As always I love hearing from you. Thanks Debby for doing such a lovely story for us.

I knew that this post would be of more interest to you than the Oliver"s  so let me tell you my story. First before I start don't you just  love a good kisser. I have to say I do miss kissing! My hubby may have been an idiot but he could kiss. lol

My friend Barbara and I were sitting on a bench downtown listening to a band play. It was a cool evening and prefect for a street dance. She kept  me entertained by telling me of her long day she had gone through of driving a inmate to the Austin State Hospital,  We were both laughing pretty hard when I realized someone was sliding close to me on the bench.

I looked to my side thinking it was probably some couple looking for a place to sit. I don't have to tell you the look of surprise I had when I saw my neighbor the cute cowboy sliding near me. His grin was one you see on a romance book cover.

Barbara of course was exploring him like someone who had never seen a cute cowboy. I introduced them and explained to her that we were neighbors out on the North Forty.

He then ask me if I wanted to dance. I don't know what got in me but I jumped up from the bench and was leading him out in the street. We danced like we had been dance partners on dancing with the stars and I could not stop smiling.

The evening was over sooner than I wanted it to be and then he ask if I had rode with Barbara to the dance. I told him that I did and he then told Barbara he would take me home since we lived on the same property.

I was somewhat nervous on the drive home but I do remember my million dollar smile. It was plastered to my face.

He drives up to my house and I am busy thanking him for bringing me home and for keeping me from being a wall flower. He turns his engine off (to the truck that is) and walks me to the door. I remember him saying something about the last time he was on the porch that it was very entertaining.

I finally find my key to the front door and he opens the door. Next thing I knew I was looking really close into his sexy blue eyes because he had taken me into his arms and was going to kiss me.

Then I feel a very familar furry paw slapping me in the face. It was Tinkerbell waking me up for her breakfast. I have never hit a pet but I was really tempted that morning. You would think that she could of gave me five minutes at the door with the cowboy before slapping me awake.

Several times this week I have brought this up to her about her lousy timing. Now I don't know Is The Cowboy a Good Kisser?

Sweet dreams



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