Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ms Pearl Is Back!

In all fairness to my new friends on here let me explain who this Ms Pearl is that we often talk about on my site.

My career in law enforcement gave me the wonderful opportunity to placed me in a bad environment full of every kind of scum bag there is that does not understand the laws of the state of Texas or any other state that they have lived.

In working long days and nights surrounded by low life I eventually picked up some of their bad habits. It seems when I get really upset and angry another person comes out of me that not even myself recognizes and my fellow officers and inmates named her Ms Pearl. Little did I know they had been calling me that for quite some time before I found this out.

In all honesty I try in earnest to keep her buried deep inside where no one knows that she even exists.

With that said let me tell you she does exist and she came out from months of hibernation in a vengeance.

Let’s roll back the clock to this time yesterday. My sweet daughter Christi came to see me over the weekend to help me clean my home in town that I have to rent out.  While I was painting the front door of the home Christi took my money and application to the utility office to turn on the utilities at this location.

Since I had paint clothes on and covered with paint it was good of her to do this for me. While at the utility office the clerk sees Christi’s last name and turns on the old town nosy charm of asking endless questions about who your kin too.

Christi tells her who her Aunt and Uncle are who are well known in our small town and the Ms. Have to get in your business Woman this is not enough blood for her to suck on. She has to have more.

She then asks Christi who is your father? Christi politely and uncomfortably said, “I have not seen him since I was three!” Thinking with that said this would surely end the conversation. Anyone with any kind of manners or just plain common sense would of ended it right there but would you believe she just kept digging until finally Christi gives her his name.

Then the stupid clerk had the nerve to say, “You don’t keep up with your Dad?”

By the time Christi arrived back to the house I could tell that something was terribly wrong.  Needless to say when she repeated this story to me I lost it completely.

I waited until Christi went after us some lunch and I called the utility office. I ask to speak to the manager of the office. They switched me to Wanda and I told her what had just happened.

The more I spoke to the lady the louder my voice got and before I knew it there was Ms Pearl in all her glory. Ms Pearl has an ugly way of not holding back any feelings.

She asks the lady what the hell does it matter who is your Daddy is when turning on the utilities. I mean the more the lady talked the madder Ms Pearl seemed to get. It was not a pretty conversation to say the least.

It ended with Wanda saying she was sorry this happened and she would check into it. This was not enough for Ms. Pearl. She told Wanda that her clerks were more concerned with gossip than doing their job. Ms Pearl then promised Wanda that when she calmed down she would call the City Manager and let him know what had taken place within his city offices.

I never calmed down enough to talk to the City Manager but I feel like after writing this today he might be getting a call this afternoon.

What angered me so is I am pretty sure I know who the clerk was and I know for a fact she knows everyone in this town and knew dang well who Christi’s legal dad was she just wanted Christi to say something bad about the family so she could repeat it to them.

Now I am getting mad all over again. Lol

Can you imagine that in this century that there are still small town nosy people like this woman that still exist. I thought as big as our town has grown that the people had grown up with it. Boy was I wrong.

Maybe Ms Pearl should just visit the utility office herself today. What do you think?

Love to all



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