Friday, October 14, 2011

Part II of Ms Pearl Is Back!

A big fall good morning to all of you. I love the weather today. It is a beautiful day here and I am hoping you are having the same where you are today.

I know I am late posting Part II but I have been busier than an Aggie football player trying to dehorn the Longhorns. lol Right now I can barely move from all the cleaning and painting going on in my part of the world but we will talk about that later. Right now you just want to hear what Ms Pearl did.

Well to tell you the truth she almost got me seeing the other side of a jail cell the one I am use to looking into from the other side. lol

Yep the last time we talked Maggie agreed that a few days of cooling off was needed before going to the Utility Office to look up the nosy ole lady who messed with her daughter. Of course, Ms Pearl wanted to go there that day but thank goodness Maggie waited.

So on Thursday afternoon I decide I need to meet this woman and give her some lessons on how to deal with the public. I took one of those chill pills that I keep around for this type of happenings and wished that I did the pot thing so I could of had it for backup. Never did try that but maybe I should put in on my bucket list on what I want to try.

It only took me ten seconds to know which lady was the one I was looking for that hurt Christi's feelings so bad. I waltzed up John Wayne style to the counter and there were three young ladies and then there was a woman close to my age. I recognized her right away as someone that knew me and my first husband very well and she would know with out asking my daughter who was her daddy.

One of the young ladies ask me if she could help me and Glady's was trying to shuffle papers around pretending not to see me. I told her no thank you I am here to see a very nosy woman and would she please come up to the counter or would she rather me talk to her where everyone in the building could here us.

Glady's looked around for someone that might be of help and then said, "Now look Margaret there is no need for this. I was told by my supervisor you were upset and I meant nothing by asking Christi those questions.

I took that as a No she was not coming to the counter so by then Ms Pearl arrived and started the biggest stink that when it was over they had to call the trash collectors to haul off the trash in the office.

Ms Pearl said, "Glady's you know da** well that Christi's biological father left her when she was only one years old and after a year never came around for his visitations or child support. You also know how hard it was on me and my three babies to not have his help. Not only the love the kids needed from a father but financial help. Yet you see a chance after thirty something years to re-open this wound and while inside just keep digging and digging until my daughter could not stand the pain."

She then stood up and told me to leave or she would call security. Ms Pearl told her, "Go ahead and call whoever you want to but I am here and I am not leaving."

Ms Pearl then tried to explain to the stupid woman that in all these years she was just as nosy now as she was in the early 70's. She also told her that she was no longer the sweet young lady that she remebered years ago. Ms Pearl told her years of fighting for herself and her children had changed her and now would do anything to protect her children from people like herself.  It was obvious she was not listening and wanted me to shut up.

I guess someone else called security and here they come inside the front door. They both recognized me and smiled. One Officer said, "Now Maggie what is going on?" I told them what had happened and they both tried to not show sides but I could tell they were not glad to be called in on this dispute.

One of the Officers asked Gladys if she would just step outside and talk to me in private. She told him no way and so he ask me what was I going to do now. I told him that if I could I would wipe the floor with her but I knew that I did not have time to go to jail. They agreed that they did not have the time for me to do that either.

I walked outside with them and the three of us had a big laugh. They both knew Glady's was a nosy old woman and they advised me to just take it up with the supervisors. I agreed to go away peacefully and leave the nosy woman alone.

You know when it comes to my kids don't mess with me. I may be old but I have a feeling Ms Pearl could of fixed that womans mouth where it would be shut for a good while. lol

Seriously I don't believe in fighting but I came real close to doing something I don't believe in.

Now I am mad again. hahaha....Everytime I think of what that woman did Ms Pearl comes back!

Love to all

Maggie and Pearl


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