Thursday, October 6, 2011

The What the Hell Dance!

Good fall morning to you all! The temps here are finally in the high 50's early morning and 80's in the afternoons. These cooler temps have helped with me trying to clean and paint at my home in town.

Let me tell you about one of those cooler mornings. Living out here on the North Forty I hardly ever see anyone for days unless I go to town or someone drops by. So I sometimes run out the back door in my pajamas and feed the cats and pray no one is around to see the show.

Not so lucky Tuesday morning.  I was feeling frisky because the weather was cool and it brought out the little girl in me. This being said I did not just throw the food in their bowls and run back inside I bent down to pick Snowball up and give him a kiss for Christi when wham something hit my rear end. The something was Snowball's sister Twinkie and the dang idiot has her claws attached to my rear and I am screaming doing the What the Hell dance to get her off and out of no where a truck is coming down the dirt rode beside my back yard.

Here this ole grandma has a calico kitten attached to her Loony Tune pajama bottoms and in horror of being seen like that runs to the back door swatting her rear like it is on fire and finally the crazed cat falls off and I am inside my house.

With in minutes I am in the living room putting on a re-enactment to Tinker Bell while she is on the staircase watching the show with what seems to be surprise on her furry face. Like I mentioned earlier the weather had me frisky so I was really putting on a funny show for my audience I thought of one when all of a sudden Tinker Bell looks over me and toward the front door and runs up the stairs to disappear out of site.

You know me I laugh out loud and tell her my performance couldn't have been that bad when I hear this man's voice through the screen door. No Maggie I thought it was a pretty good replay.

I have to tell you if I could have I would have disappeared with Tinker Bell but I was frozen on my stage and I slowly turned around to face the cowboy who lives next door. He is standing there with the biggest grin on his cute face and tells me he is sorry but the door was open and he was having too much fun to knock.

This is one of those moments when you’re locked in sheer dumbfounded unbelievable disbelief that this is happening to you. Not only had I preformed for Tinker Bell but for a good looking cowboy close to my age while wearing not only pajamas but children’s pajamas. I have Tweedy Bird all over my body in pretty colors of green, purple, pink and of course Tweedy Bird stands out in bright yellow.

I have to tell you I honestly felt like a Looney Tune standing there looking at the cowboy. I could see his lips moving trying to tell me he had stopped to see if I was okay after I ran into the house with something attached to my butt. In all honesty I don't even know what came out of my mouth to him. I sure it was not worthy of remembering or sharing with you.

Later in the day while playing this whole thing back in my mind I told Christi that I was pretty sure in my performance to Tinker Bell that I mentioned the hottie cowboy seeing me in my Tweedy Bird pajamas and asking Tinker Bell did she think that he thought I was a cute birdie dancing around. hahahaha

All I can say right now is those darn cats may starve from now on because now they have to wait until I am fully clothed to go outside. lol

At least when Gretchen calls me from Kentucky I can tell her that I am still having adventures out here on the north forty. Not as fun though but enough to make me laugh.

Update on my house in town. The yard is as bad as the inside. Tuesday and Wednesday I scrubbed the brick floor in the den and kitchen then painted the kitchen cabinets. Their not prefect but wow what a difference just those two things have made in that area. I then started painting the front door a red. Yeah red I have seen so many red doors that I now have one coat to my door. My plans were to finish the door today but my back is telling me no.

Several have been kind enough to ask what I am going to do with the house. Well that is a very good question. I can't sleep at night trying to come up with the best way to go from here. If I keep renting it out I am only in for more of this crap. I thought of moving one of my bedroom suits over to it and my beautiful living room pieces that are over at one of my brothers house then renting out the other three bedrooms to women so I could come and go like I live there and have access anytime day or night to keep my house safe but living in a small town I don't know if I can find three older women who need a nice home to share with other women. They would have access to the big kitchen, den, sunroom and garage.

Houses here are not selling and if they do you loose all your equity so what to do is a big problem to me at the moment.

I do know being inside of it the last three days working the happy memories came flooding back to me and makes it hard again for me to come back out here and live alone.

My nephew got his daddy involved in me wanting him to help me clean the house and yard and needless to say the dad sided with his son which shocked the pee doodle out of me because I thought my brother had more upstairs than his son but found out different. hahaha Their story is my sweet sister-in-law spent two weeks cleaning the house before they moved out and their done with cleaning it. Fine a little hard work never killed anyone right? No one has bothered explaining to me why the full rent for September was not pain. I guess their done with that too. God Bless them they mean well.

Enough of that lets enjoy these beautiful days before winter blast us with temps that freeze my toes off.

Love to all



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