Sunday, November 13, 2011

Because of You!

Because of you and how worried you must be about Christi and myself I had to take a few minutes and update you on how we are doing.

Thanks to all of your prayers we made it through this past week. She seems to be getting stronger every day and assures me that she is going to be fine. We both wanted to thank you for all the prayers and sweet comments.

In all honesty several times this past week I was not sure how to deal with all of this and then I would remember you and how kind, supportive and loving you are and I knew that you were there for us.

One thing I have tried doing this week is to leave it all with the Lord. "Cast your burden upon the Lord."

I am ashamed to admit but I think sometimes I cast it and then recast it not sure what to do being so worried about my daughter. I have prayed to the Lord to help me release her to him because I know He will care for her both spiritually, mentally and physically in a way that I can not do.

Remember the prayer bench I bought at Warrenton this summer. I have worn it out getting up and down but each time after my prayers I knew that tomorrow held great promise.

Still even now I have not been able to talk about what happened to Christi but I know the love we all share out here in this wonderful world of blogging and that you will be patient with me.

Writing is good for me so I will try and write to you again this week. I miss you and love you!



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