Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 What's happening in your neck of the woods? Have tried to post since last week but have not made it happen.

Too much going on here and did not want to post until I could post positive. lol But I got this comment from Julia Of Petals and Wool telling me that she has lost her blog. Here I copied her comment for you so maybe you could help me to understand what happened and have you heard of this before.

Hi Maggie, Julia from Of Petals and Wool here. I no longer can do blog post on my blog and my account has been deleted by Google because they say that there was some illegal activity or that I have violated Google terms of service??? I don't know what I did wrong but I now have no Gmail account and no identity. They deleted my second blog and also my new Gmail address. 

I've spent a lot of time trying to retrieve my Gmail address but got the run around. It said that they were sending me an email but I was not getting my emails, so couldn't get it fixed. 

This is to let you know of my situation. I still can visit blogs through Firefox by googling the name but it's time consuming and I only can leave comments on blogs who allows Anonymous.

Your anonymous friend from the lost paradise of Petals and Wool. Hugs. Julia

It depressed me to think that I could come in here an hour from now and you would be gone. Erased like you never existed. Scared and upset me that this can happen. I then thought of Julia's site and of all people why would Julia's be taken off. She kept us entertained with her everyday life and I loved reading her blog.

She also was kind enough to be a blogazine guest for me and if you missed her story just go here

Julia Of Petals and Wool.

I pray Julia gets her blog back because I miss her.

My plans were to post my Memory Lane Monday for Donna this morning but hopefully I can this evening.

Just had to say hello and to see if you knew about this happening to Julia and if you know anyone else it has happened too.

This ole lady needs to figure out how to get things done without hurting herself. My house in town is not near ready to be rented or to sale. The north forty has me just as busy. One last mowing of the place has to be done before I put the tractors away for winter. We are talking half of the 62 acres out here need mowing. Then my front porch has to be painted and different parts of the fence was replaced last month and she wants it all painted white to match the other. Makes sense. Right? I have to say I am overwhelmed but let me get started so you

Go Out and Make It A Great Day!




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