Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My dear friends it is Thanksgiving night and I am sitting here with Christi going over all the sweet comments that you have left for both of us.

We are so Thankful this Thanksgiving for having all of you in our life. Without you these past weeks would have been impossible.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us this year. My sons spend every other Thanksgiving with their other family which is only fair. We missed them very much but it was a good day. 

Now I am so full of pumpkin pie and cool whip I can barely type this post. lol  This year I took the easy way out and bought a small Honey Baked Ham instead of baking a Turkey. I did though have to make a pan of dressing.  It's just not Thanksgiving without my MaMa's Cornbread Dressing.

So tell me how was your day? I hope each of you had a lovely day with lots of good food, friends and family! Sending you much  love and
lot's of Sweet Dreams!


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