Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Memory Lane Monday's!

Yep it's Memory Lane Monday's with Donna at Brynwood Needleworks. It is Monday today isn't it?

Donna suggested Halloween Past as our memory and here I am as Wyatt Earp's girlfriend. Remember the Tombstone movie with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell. Well I fell in love with Val Kilmer in his part as Doc Holiday.

On this Halloween the idiot and I were invited to a big dance that was held every year out in the country in one of the old dance hall's that use to be so popular around these parts of Texas.  I should not say use to be because these country people are serious about their dance halls.

Anyway I was left with the decision on what we could have as our costumes. Since I loved that movie I chose our costumes based on the dress of that era. My daughter Christi, had worn this dress as a Southern Belle so I tried it on and added a big petticoat and made it more into a saloon girl costume. Even found this huge black hat with feathers. Add a boa and your ready to go.

If I remember right I think his was a little bit more difficult. I think we had to rent a western tux. Then found him a black hat and mustache that was always crooked. Of course his tie had to match my dress.

In the goofy picture below we are accepting First Place for Best Couple Costume. Talk about a surprise when they called us out. Then we were laughing about that and then they announce the best female costume of the night and low and behold they put the spotlight on us again. More shock! Then the biggest shock of all was them awarding me the First Prize for the Costume of the Whole Dance. could of knocked me down with one of those feathers I was wearing.

Have you ever seen a goofier looking woman?

In this next picture I took it of Wayne and another couple who choose the same idea. I wish they had won something too.

I don't remember ever winning a costume contest so this was a night to remember.

As always I enjoy joining sweet Donna for her memory lane Monday's.

Thanks everyone for always coming by and leaving me the best comments ever. My life is better because of you being in it.

Today the idiot turns 60 years old. I am sorry Wayne to have chosen that name for you but it is the first thing I think of when I think of you.

Love to all



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