Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cowboy!

Goodness just look how close it is until Christmas. I think December is going by even faster than November. I could be in trouble if I don't get myself organized and quick.

Well I promised you my story about the cowboy so grab your coffee or hot chocolate and sit for a minute. This won't take long because it happened pretty darn fast.

As you know I live in an ole farm house out in the country. I call it the North Forty! Just a name I picked out of no where for this place.

Anyway back to my story. Usually the first thing I do in the morning is feed the cat's outside. Cute little boogers but trouble this particular morning.

Without thinking I rushed out the door and shut it behind me. It has one of those locks on it that if you don't push a button on it before shutting your locked out. Well you know how many times I have done that so I keep a spare key outside.

I am in a hurry because this morning I had left on my pajamas thinking I had plenty of time before my neighbor the cowboy would be driving by leaving the ranch for the one next door where he works.
The minute I shut the door I knew I had done wrong and I was locked out. Wasn't worried because I knew where my spare key was hidden.

Feed the hungry little troublemakers and hurry over to spot to fetch the key. Well you guessed it. The key was not there. I wish you could of seen the dance I did trying to figure out why in the heck wasn't the key there where it was suppose to be.

Time was not on my side. I am standing there in my pajamas with my hair standing up in all directions and NO make-up. Now this ole grandma don't go anywhere without her make-up. Mainly because I care about people and subjecting them to me without it would be border line to cruel.

My first thought is to break the glass in the back door. But I just did that not too long ago and I remembered how much trouble it was for me to replace it.

The only window you can get into without breaking anything is on the second floor. I realize I will have to go find the taller ladder and bring it up to the house. I jump into the mule drive it over to the barn and load the ladder. I have no idea what time it is but I am guessing it is almost time for him to drive by. I am starting to get really nervous. Who wants to be seen in purple pj's and no make-up?

I can't carry the ladder but I can drag it. I finally get it up against the house where it feels like it is safe for me to climb.

Geezzz I was scared of falling. You know after my fall any heights scare me. Well him seeing me like that was even worse so I start the climb up. Very slowly one step at a time.

Finally I reach the window and get it open. I forgot to add it is a very small window. Not the average size window. One that was built for looks maybe but not for climbing into. Standing on the ladder I realize it was going to really hard for me to squeeze my big bod inside but I go for it.

Well I am half way inside hanging upside down with my butt and feet out the window and I hear his diesel truck outside. I am praying please Dear God let him not notice a butt hanging from my top window.

I guess that was a foolish prayer because who would not see purple big cheeks hanging out a small window.

Giving it everything I got I am trying to grab hold of something to help me pull myself in. I then hear this Honk. Then another honk.

His honking made me work harder because the next thing I knew I was lying on the second floor trying to sit up.

You know the sound a diesel truck makes. Well I could hear it out there and then I here Maggie You Okay?

I froze on the floor. I thought please just go away. Once again I here him calling my name. I raise up and stick my hand out the window like I am waving a white flag. I manage to yell I am fine!

Before I hear the truck door shut I hear him laughing. I guess he thinks his neighbor is one crazy ole lady.

Sad thing is he could be right! lol

Not much of a story but let me tell you I can just imagine the image that poor cowboy got of my big back side hanging out that little window.

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Love to all


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