Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lucky Winner to Novica's Site!

Sorry it is so late in the day getting on here to announce my lucky winner.

I am always so excited the morning of the drawing because I can not wait to see who wins but today I could not get near a computer until just now. Several things came up out here on the North Forty that had to be fixed before dark and boy am I pooped.

So who won this $50.00 gift certificate to Novica's great site. Well the Random Generator spun and landed on number 6. Number six belongs to Lisa Lula from Davis Dialogues

. Lisa I am really happy for you. There are so many nice things on this site so you will have fun shopping. Just send email me and I will give you your numbers to order your gift.

I appreciate each and everyone of you for entering my giveaway. Wish I could send all of you a gift certificate.

Hope you are finished with your shopping and decorating! I shopped one day last week but still need a few things. My plans were to finish today but maybe Monday.

The kids are coming Christmas day and I was going to fix Turkey and dressing but they want something different so let me know what your having so I can get some ideas. lol

You will be glad to know I put my clothes on everyday before feeding the cats. Did not want to run into the cowboy again with my pj's on. haha

Well Frosty the Snow Man is starting to melt on the program I am watching so I guess I will get off here and see how this story ends.

Be good to yourself this week. I know all to well how crazy the week before Christmas can be but it always gets done in the end. Right? Words I need to remember myself this week.

Thanks again for always coming by here checking on me and you know I appreciate you so much.

Love to all



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