Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Week Of Surprises!

Hello to you! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. It is actually raining here which is of course for

our area that is a blessing and a big surprise. This week has been one surprise after another some really nice and others devastating.

For a change lets talk about the really nice surprises first.

After a long day working on trying to finish my house in town I came home to find these on my porch.

Yep I am one lucky lady! Our sweet friend Marydon and hubby Harold  from Blushing Rose surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet.  As you know Marydon loves to surprise her friends.  She has a enormous heart and if you have not met her please click on her site and meet a lovely new friend.

Thank you again Marydon and Harold for these lovely flowers. I move them from room to room so when I look up from what I am doing their there to remind me how God blessed me with so many friends since I started this little humble site.

Another sweet surprise was my dear sister-in-law Linda Mae who I have known since grade school gave me this lazy Susan.

It belonged to my precious Ma Ma and the memories it brings back to me when I look at it are all wonderful happy thoughts of days I miss. Many times I wondered what happened  to this piece but never asked anyone.
To my surprise Linda Mae gave it to me this week and I am just ecstatic. It is even pink and you know pink is my middle name.  

A lot of you already know about this surprise.  Way Fair is now the new owners of CSN and they approached me about doing a review or giveaway to my faithful followers. I wrote back and told them it had to be the giveaway because no one out here in blog land has better followers and friends than I do.

If you have not entered this awesome giveaway to WayFair please go to my post before this one and leave a comment. Only comments on that post will be entered for the drawing. Sorry but I use the Random Generator to pick my numbers. Also please go by their site and check out how cool it is. They have everything and it will be hard to choose just one thing you want to buy if you win the $65.00 gift they are offering for this giveaway.

On with my surprises for this week. My friend Barbara and landlady phoned and told me to pack my bags for Sioux City, Iowa. I of course thought "What is in Sioux City?"  Knowing Barbara as I do I should of known it had to do with politics. Yep it is the GOP Debates that takes place on the 15th of this month.

Let me tell you first I was shocked because this was out of the blue invitation but all of hers are big surprises.
Second this is not a good time for me to be out state and so far from home. I have nothing done for Christmas and as you know I hate to leave Christi.

There is one thing you may not know is my dear friend does not take No for an answer. Nope it has never been used when you are having a conversation with her. lol

I called her sister Linda and tried to get her help getting me out of it but she just gave me her sympathy more or less and sent me on my way to Iowa.

OK I can do this I keep telling myself but then I have anxiety attacks wondering how in a weeks time can I find the clothes I need for the cold cold cold weather up North and to wear to a GOP debate. What do they wear to these debates. I would imagine pretty dressy.

Only thing Barbara said was I needed to bring one thing nice for the dinner their having before the debate. Well I looked up the debate on Google and my jaw dropped when I read you can buy tickets for the debate for $50.00 but if you want to attend the dinner it was a whopping $1500.00 I believe for four. Are you kidding me. I go nowhere so I have no clothes especially for a dinner where people that can afford this kind of dinner will be all around me.

You know I am pleading for help from all of you to tell me what do I wear. Please please seriously give me some suggestions.

She also told me to make some hats to wear to this thing. You know the Red, White and Blue. I live in one horse town where will I find this. lol

I hate to give you the bad surprise because it once again devastated both me and Christi this week. I think sometimes I just want to run away but not to a GOP debate. lol

Christi has worked the last five years for a company she loved and she worked from home. This she enjoyed very much. Well Tuesday with no warning they laid her off. Never is there a good time to loose your job but with Christi this could not have been a worse time. It has been a huge set back in her getting better but with all your prayers and arms around her and me it will work out.

No one can control our economy these days and sweet Christi is just one of thousands who have lost their job this year. Of course I am in there too but mine was not due to our economy.

All I could think of when she gave me the bad news was OMG I don't have my job either how can I help her.

Well I am in the middle of fixing a pot of Chicken soup so I guess I should go before I mess it up. I do wish you were here to enjoy it with me.

Don't forget you have several things to do now. Enter the giveaway on the post before this and tell me what I will need to take with me to the cold but beautiful North. hahaha

Love to all


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