Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Wall Paper Project!

Can you believe it is already Sunday night! Where oh where has this past week gone to.

I had promised you that I would show you what I have been working on in the attic room upstairs of the ole farm house. It is a big room so I am not finished but I am excited of what I have done so far and wanted to share it with you.

Being an attic room the ceiling is slanted down almost to the floor and was in bad shape. An old wall paper was peeling off and there were leaks in several places so on a budget I could not figure out what I could do to make this a liveable but pretty room. 

The only thing I could think of was to use the idea my SL Linda used in one of her rooms last year that turned out spectacular. I have to go by there and take pictures for you of this bedroom. Beautiful room and she gets so many compliments on it.

 So I went to Home Depot and bought a roll of Rison Paper in a rose color. The only two colors they had were brown and rose. My SL Linda used brown in her bedroom but since I was using this for a ceiling that almost touches the floors I chose the rose color. It is only $12.00 a roll and one roll will cover a regular size room. 

To begin your project you tear a piece from the roll whatever size you want and then you wad the piece up. Then take the piece spread it out on a work space that you don't mind getting sticky and spread some wall paper adhesive paste on it with a brush.

Take the piece and stick it where you want to start and then just repeat this process over and over until the room is covered.

These pictures are not great but I was trying to show you how it looks after it is on the wall or ceiling in my case.

 On the walls I painted them a pretty green that I have in other areas of my home. It is called Quaking Grass and I love how it looks with this rose color.

I have finished papering one side of the room and have a lot of the other side done. Of course I had to grab the paint brush and see how this color would look on the low walls before I even finished the papering. lol

My plans were to have the room finished by the 15th of this month but I had expected to work on it this past week but as always other things usually come up that have to be taken care of first. So it will take a lot of effort to finish it by my planned date but I am just proud of how much I have gotten finished.

I would show you a picture of the whole room but I would like to keep you as a friend and if you saw what it looks like now you would think OMG she lives like that. hahaha Yes there is a little bit of everything stored in this room. Where oh where will a lot of this go when I finish the project.

I have my grandmothers old bedroom suit that I painted black. It turned out so nice. Thanks to help from Dan at Yesterday Once More. He is always painting something in his gorgeous home so he shared his secret with me and thanks Dan I love the way my MaMa's bed and dresser look now. Will show you them in a post soon.

Also I plan on keeping the wicker I have stored there too. I had a sunroom in my home in town and have been keeping it upstairs for now.  It is a old antique sofa with chairs and a pretty lounge chair. Their all white for now and I am trying to decide if that is the color I should keep them since the bed and dresser are black. Any ideas?

Is this project something that you would do to a room? Honestly these pictures don't do it any justice. Maybe when I share the whole room with you or the pictures from Linda's home.

I hope you had a chance to meet Anni this past week who was my last Blogazine Guest. Thank you Anni for sharing your great story with us.

You all have a story to tell and if you want to share it on here just let me know. I have another great blogging buddy to share with you this week so stay tuned.

This was a week though of good things happening for me and Christi. She phoned and told me she has been offered a job. YAHOO! Then I have a nice couple that want to rent my home. They can not move in until the 1st of February but have given me the deposit to hold it for them. So yes it was a good week.

A lot of prayers answered.

Hope all of you are well and I thank you for coming by and leaving me your awesome comments.

Let's all have a great week. My word for the new year is productive! What is your word for the new year.

Sweet Dreams



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